How To Stay In Touch With Your Group While On A Norwegian Cruise Line Ship

Hello Cruisers!

A frequently asked question is how to contact others in your group while on a NCL cruise.

In years past people would carry walkie-talkies while on the ship… really. Fortunately, nowadays we all carry smartphones around with us and they can be utilized in a few different ways:

First, if ALL of you have iPhones you can turn on the Wi-Fi on your phones and use iMessaging. You do NOT have to pay for a Wi-Fi plan for this to work. Just turn on your wi-fi, but do not log into your minutes.

Second, you can use Facebook messenger, but it will only work when you are logged into the Wi-Fi. This is a good option is everyone in your party has paid for unlimited Wi-Fi. This is also a good way to keep in touch with people at home.

Third, within the NCL app while on the ship you can pay a per-person fee of $9.95 once per cruise to use a messaging feature within the app. Once activated, you will have a unique “phone number” which you will see in the app. Tell that number to your friends and they can reach you via text and voice.  This feature is not 100% fantastic as it does not always alert you when you have a message. It is supposed to, but does not always work.

Until next time, may you Avoid the Kraken and have Fair Winds and Following Seas

Eric Cable

Charlotte, North Carolina

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